Finding a home in France
Finding a home in France
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    how to acquire properties in France. will give you all the tips

    Notaires are the principal partners of any property transaction in France. They will help you finding your property. They will prepare the deed and give you all necessary advices and security (legal structures, taxes, mortgage,...). This website presents all the important steps for the acquisition of your future home in France. The must know:

  • When buying a property in France, wether through a Notaire or an "agent", the Notaire oversees all the legal aspects of the sale as he has the monopoly over the preparation, the signing and the execution of the final deed or "acte authentique".

  • The fees and transfer taxes are payable by the buyer to the Notaire on completion of the acquisition. They amount to about 7% to 9% for second hand properties and 3 to 4% for new properties excluding mortgage fees if applicable. Notaires, as public officers, guarantee the buyer good title on the property and will ensure that any conditions set in the purchase agreement are fulfilled.

  • These fees are non negociable and are identical wether two Notaires are involved in the transaction or only one. Therefore retaining two "Notaires", one for the buyer, one for the seller does not add cost.

  • If and when Notaires act as agents, the buyer will be liable for a negociation fee which is fixed by government decree.

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